Rain Tumbled Down

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Rain fell today. We had 27ml of steady rain, not the sudden over-in-a-minute kind, but the sort that sinks into the garden and refreshes. It was a proper Event. The hills behind our house were enshrouded with mist, as sombre as the grey sky, and the rain tumbled down for most of the day.

In town people were jubilant, exclaiming about the wet weather to complete strangers, stepping happily around puddles and enjoying using an umbrella for the first time in ages. There was a perceptible feeling of positivity in the air. It's always like that when there's a good fall.

By the afternoon the clouds were clearing, the last tendrils of mist were creeping up the hills and the sun was making an effort to break through. Remnant raindrops clinging to leaves were glittering jewel-like in watery beams.
I won’t have to worry about watering the garden now for some time as the weather isn't hot enough to dry it out the way it does in the Summer.


35 thoughts on “Rain Tumbled Down

  1. That rose image is gorgeous with the water droplets on it.

    We’ve got a few dry days down in Melbourne, but today, when I caught a taxi over to my doctor at around 1.00pm the sky was very overcast and deep mist/fog was still hanging around. It was the coldest June day in about 25 years.

    I arrived home in the dark so couldn’t see if the pots on my balcony needed watering or not. It was too cold to look anyway 🙂

  2. Hooray! That must be so wonderful after such a long, dry spell. Enjoy the rest from watering, Jane . . . and also the beauties in your garden (that rose photo is quite lovely).

  3. That’s the best kind of rain. We experience the same kind of jubilation when we get it here. I hope this event is just the start of a long series of gentle soaks during your winter season.

  4. Oh that sounds wonderful Jane.
    I used to take rain for granted but even for us, not this year. Our clay soil has baked rock hard. Even the weeds are dying!

    • And it’s so hard to get the weeds out when the ground is like that, too. Hope you receive some rain soon, Jessica.

  5. It is always so nice to get some decent rain and to not have to worry about watering the garden for a while. The leaves and rose in your pictures look so pretty with the glistening raindrops.

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