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Christmas Colours: December 21

Is it bending the rules of Six on Saturday to include six photos of the same thing, I wonder? Will I incur the wrath of our leader The Propagator? Time will tell, I suppose.

Recently, I wrote about the King Parrot in my post ‘A Single Man?’ as I wondered whether he had a mate, and I’m pleased to say there was a fleeting visit this morning with a female so it seems he’s not alone. Below he’s photographed with a friend* as they both enjoyed breakfasting on the ‘Pigface’ (Lampranthus), that strangely-named tough succulent found in many Australian gardens. The Pigface has proved as enticing to our garden visitors as a box of exotic chocolates might be to the chocaholics amongst us.
I’m highlighting the King Parrot this week, because I think with his scarlet and Robin Hood green colours, he’s about as Christmassy as a bird can be. He could be perched atop a Christmas tree and look perfect: a kind of antipodean angel.

The photos above were taken earlier this week and are my way of saying Happy Christmas to all of you generous, knowledgeable and entertaining bloggers I’ve met during my first full year of blogging. It has been an unexpected pleasure to be in contact with gardeners from all over the world and vicariously enjoy your gardens

To me, (not being a religious type) Christmas is really about spending time in the company of my family, enjoying some Christmas food and perhaps opening a present. We do ‘Secret Santa’ so the present-giving is simple and not overdone.
May your Christmas be full of joy and 2019 be a year of beautiful gardening weather with the right amount of rain and sunshine. Here’s hoping there’ll be no ‘Beasts from the East’ (or any other direction), fire, drought or flood, whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere.

On Christmas Day I’ll drink a virtual glass of champagne with you all. Cheers!

*Point of clarification: it seems I was a bit too subtle here. For anyone who didn’t realise, the photos are of two male King Parrots. The visit by the female was too brief for me to be able to take a photograph of her. If you would like to see a photo of a female, one can be found in Garden Visits 3.

Six on Saturday, May 12th

DSCN7339 (2)

Autumn is finally well-esconced in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, and in fact even Winter made its looming presence felt yesterday with a blast of cold air  bringing us a little rain, strong wind and snow to some places. The maximum temperature here was 11 degrees C and that was only for about five minutes. It was a day for settling snugly by the fire and doing indoor things. The weather  was better today, but even so, Winter is prising the fabric of the days apart with its icy fingers and threatening an imminent arrival. You can feel it in the sneaky chilly breeze.

Six on Saturday is the mushrooming meme hosted by The Propagator. To see what other green-fingered folk have happening in their  gardens,  drop in to his blog where you'll find inspiring gardens and ideas.

As the season comes to a close, it's becoming more difficult to find six things in my garden on a Saturday, but here are mine for this week.


  1. Agastache 'Sweet Lili' is having a last pirouette before closing down for the Winter.  She has flowered constantly since last October.  A star performer who has danced through the summer despite everything the season threw at her.

2.  Caught re-handed!  A King Parrot helps himself to olives.  As a consequence the few olives we had were harvested soon afterwards.  I wonder that the parrots can eat olives off the tree as they taste very bitter. Needs must when the drought bites.

DSCN7392 (2)

3,  The flowers of Erica melanthera 'Ruby Shepherd'.  It's a winter-flowering shrub, so should bring  brightness to the garden when many other plants are dormant. It's a very recent addition to the garden and only very small, but I like it so much I've decided more must be found forthwith.


4. Lobelia flowers.  An underrated plant, lobelia will flower for most of the winter here. The flowers are like indigo butterflies.

DSCN7213 (2)

5. Banksia blechhnifolia. This is a Western Australian native.  Plants from WA can sulk a little over on this side of Australia, but this one has been behaving quite well.  These furry growths are at the end of the stems and they remind me, in close-up,  of moths'  feelers waving inquisitively.  So far there has been only one flower on this plant and I'll have to wait until about September to see some more.



6.  Crepe Myrtle 'Natchez'.  Here are the beautiful Autumn leaves.  It's only a small tree but is so hardy and beautiful in every season.

DSCN7409 (2)

Weather today: Cloudy.  6-16 degrees Celcius.

Happy gardening everyone!