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Farewell January-thank goodness! February 2, 2019

Throughout January the heat continued unabated. Although we got off lightly compared to others in Australia, several days in a row of 40 degrees, and many in excess of 36 made gardening not an option. In Mudgee, our maximum temperature for the whole month was 4.9 degrees above average, making it the hottest January ever. That makes the Paris Agreement to keep global warming to less than two degrees look shaky to say the least, in my opinion. Something climate change deniers should contemplate.

We have been lucky to have some rain. Last Tuesday a wildly clamorous and exhilarating storm with thunder and lightning that made us feel as though we were under siege, brought us 33mm for which we were exceedingly grateful.

After a few week’s absence, I am joining in with Six on Saturday, hosted by the Propagator. If you would like to either join in or see what other gardeners are experiencing, , follow this link.

My first photo (above) is of Tulbaghia or Society Garlic, a redoubtable garden member, reliable always no matter how hot the weather.

Two: A new Lagerstroemia ‘Tonto’, still only small, is enjoying the heat and growing well. Some people aren’t keen on crepe myrtles, but they grow so well in our climate and are colourful for so long, I think they’re a very worthwhile addition to the garden.

Three: White Vinca makes a sweet frill around the base of these compact Raphiolepis.

Four: Ceratostigma also known as Chinese Plumbago has a small flower, but the strength of its blue colouring makes up for its lack of size. I’m looking forward to this plant spreading itself around as it makes a pretty groundcover with leaves colouring beautifully during autumn.

Five: Once again, Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ is preparing to flower, even though there’s easily a month of summer left.

Six: Finally, a new pair of gardening shoes, my favourites already, a Christmas present from Mr MG.

That’s my six for this week. All the hedges need cutting, there’s weeding to be done and there have been deaths in the garden which need to be dealt with, but it’s still way too hot, so a siesta is the go, I think for the rest of the afternoon, and several cool drinks tinkling with ice.

Happy gardening everyone.