I've come to gardening quite late in my life.  Although my parents were very keen gardeners and through them I learned to identify many plants, circumstances decreed that I didn't really begin to garden seriously until we bought our little property outside of Mudgee.  I didn't know much then, and I still have a lot to learn, but I love the whole business of gardening: digging in the earth with my bare hands, weeding (as long as it isn't too much!) growing things, especially growing them for free, from cuttings;  and enjoying the emergence of leaves, buds and flowers.

The purpose of this blog is not for self-promotion.  First, I want a record of what I've done, (and what better way than to try to learn the intricacies of a blogging site), but more importantly to connect with other gardeners and to read and see what they do in their gardens.  

So if you know someone who gardens, please share my site.  Hopefully I can 'meet' some other gardeners from around the world.