Noble Narcissi: SoS, September 16

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For weeks I wondered where all the snails disappeared to.  During Winter, with the small amounts of rain we had, I sometimes  went out into the garden to find snails, and to my surprise, they mostly eluded me despite searches under and around their favourite hiding places. However, one night last week, with warmer temperatures and a good fall of rain, they swarmed across the garden like schoolchildren being let out of class and achieved large amounts of damage.

Some of my photos for this week's six, which is celebrating Narcissi, bear testament to the marauding of the snails. I apologise in advance for the lack of identification, and hope that some more knowledgeable plantspersons will be able to assist.


One:  Narcissus 'Red Rocket', not nearly as red as the picture on the packet, but charming nevertheless, complete with small visitor.


Two: Narcissus 'Ice King'.  This becomes surprisingly yellow as it ages, so much so that I have questioned my own identification.


Three: I don't know the name of this one, but she could be called 'Weight of the World'.


Four: Narcissus 'Butterfly Pickup'


Five:  Narcissus No ID.  I love the whiteness and simplicity of this narcissus. I’ll make up a name: ‘Blanc et Blanc’!


Six: Also Narcissus No ID, with a great deal of damage from the slimy molluscs.


That's my six for this week.  As always, the venerable host of this meme, the Propagator, has more sixes on his blog.  Click here to find out more.


Weather today: 3 to 28 degrees C and windy.

37 thoughts on “Noble Narcissi: SoS, September 16

    • Of course you bought bulbs! As I would if I had access to that website. The wonder of it is that you were able to choose some/a few/lots from such a tempting selection.

  1. Nice presentation of narcissii this week. I just bought ‘Sportsman’ and I hope that the heart will be as red as the picture shows … It will unfortunately be a (small) disappointment, maybe like your ‘Red rocket’ but among all yellow I have, this will give a little extra color

    • Sportsman is very bright and cheerful, Fred and sure to be an excellent addition to your collection. I’ll keep a lookout for him in your six when Spring comes to you!

  2. These are smashing. Love Weight of the World w/the pansies. Really nice combo. That first photo is stunning as well. Makes me wish for spring here. Much inspiration for bulb purchases!

    • Thanks, Lora. I think quite a few Sixers are getting inspired to order their Spring bulbs. Poor Weight of the World could barely lift her head off the ground!

  3. I have put my bulb order in too, and it also contains a lot of daffodils – now I am worried that they will get munched! I have some dwarf ones already in the garden and most of those seemed to do OK, although there is one white scented one which suffered a lot of damage. Oh, well, too late now. And there is nothing like seeing these cheerful flowers to know it is spring 🙂

    • What do you do, Jude, to try to keep the munching to a minimum? I was truly amazed at the number of snails that appeared in my garden, and they were just the ones I could see! Have you tried the beer traps? I’m going to set some as I’ve been told they work very well.

    • It would seem strange to you, and I have the same feeling about seeing NH posts, although seeing new-to-me plants on SoS has encouraged me to try some new things in my garden which is quite fun.

  4. Right. If I do only one thing tomorrow it will be to complete my spring bulbs order. I love ‘Red Rocket’ and the bottom one with the pink trumpet. I must get more narcissi. They are supposed to be poisonous so rabbits and deer do tend to leave them alone. Molluscs too, up to now.. I hope they’re not reading your post!

    • Thank you for the Spring greetings, Gill. It really is such a wonderful time in the garden, and I have to do a little tour at least twice a day to see what’s changing.

    • Not sure I’d like a raccoon- I have a sneaking suspicion they’d cause a few problems of their own! We do have quite large lizards- bearded dragons, and if we’re lucky, blue tongue lizards, so hopefully they’ll help out a bit.

    • It was really strange, the way they all seemed to appear from nowhere. I didn’t think that snails would hibernate, but perhaps that’s what they were doing-and breeding as well!

    • Nothing wrong with bog standard yellow ones either. Like most plants, once you really start looking, there’s a wide choice available. I’ve been discovering this on posts about dahlias, for instance.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I ordered bulbs a couple of weeks ago but having seen yours I think I might need to order some different ones!

  6. It’s so lovely to see all your narcissus, Jane! I love your pink-cupped daffodil, despite the rascally snails! And the lovely little doubles at the top of the post – quite pretty! Because of the low-chill winters, the paperwhite types work best for me here, but I can’t resist trying some of the others – definitely with mixed results!

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