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  1. So beautiful! Enjoy the season!

    1. Jane says:

      Thanks Amy, I will! I need reminding (when I feel really cold) that there’s beauty in winter too.

  2. Cindy says:

    It still looks so green for the beginning of winter.

    1. Jane says:

      Eventually the frost will burn the grass to brown, and it will look much less green until October when it grows back again.

  3. Jude says:

    Lovely colours. And sunshine!

    1. Jane says:

      There’s always plenty of sunshine! (I know you’ve been having a lot of rain)

  4. What a lovely garden you have created, Jane.

    1. Jane says:

      Thank you, Gerard. We get a lot of pleasure out of our garden.

  5. Luckily the really cold weather didn’t last long here. It’s beautiful and sunny today. Your garden looks lovely.

    1. Jane says:

      We’ve got plenty of sunshine ahead of us according to the forecast. No chance of rain, sadly.

  6. Vicki says:

    Lovely photo and yes, Winter has well and truly started down here in Melbourne. with constant rain and overcast skies.

    Having said that, we have sun today and a great sunny forecast for tomorrow and Saturday. Time to get out in the garden or go for a walk.

    Your garden seat looks like a great place to sit and ponder life’s mysteries and what you’ll be planting next Spring 🙂

    1. Jane says:

      It is nice to sit on that seat, Vicki, and will be even better when the white crepe myrtle in front if it grows a bit more and provides some summer shade.
      We have no rain forecast, and I think we’re in for a very dry winter, sadly.

  7. Tracy says:

    Magic, Jane.

    1. Jane says:

      Thank you, Tracy.

  8. Chris Muller says:

    Still looks pretty Jane.
    Your garden has come a long way.

    1. Jane says:

      Thank you Chris, we’re getting there now that the trees have grown a bit taller. Such patience required when gardening!

  9. Robyn Haynes says:

    That’s chilly Jane. But so pretty

    1. Jane says:

      Thank you, Robyn. It is pretty and I couldn’t resist a quick photo.

  10. Kris P says:

    Oh my! That’s early, isn’t it? Of course, summer usually starts well before June here. This year it’s late but I’m still looking over by shoulder, fearing that we won’t get much notice when the seasons shift.

    1. Jane says:

      Hello, Kris. We’d already had a few previous light frosts. Our worst months are July and August when we can have frosts for days on end, especially in drought conditions when the nights get very cold. It’s looking like we might have that situation this year as we’ve been told there won’t be much rain this winter. El Niño is coming🙁

  11. That sounds lovely!

    1. Jane says:

      Pretty to look at, but a bit cold for my liking.

  12. That’s colder than most nights in our recent winter

    1. Jane says:

      Hi Derrick, I made a mistake. It was, in fact -4.6!

  13. Gill Heavens says:

    Wow, that is lovely, hard to imagine you with frost!

    1. Jane says:

      We get a lot of frost, Gill, and the worst time is during July and August so it’s all ahead of us.

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